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iintegra is a recruitment software platform which helps you optimise and manage your recruitment process, significantly reducing both time and costs whilst still ensuring that your company is getting in front of the best candidates, first

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Streamlining recruitment

iintegra is a cloud based advert distribution and talent acquisition platform which streamlines all recruiting activities, enabling the organisation to secure future talent fast! iintegra can be easily customised to recruit your way, helping automate stages of the recruitment workflow which are normally laborious and time costly.

  • Recruitment ProductivityProductivity
  • Recruitment ProcessProcess
  • Recruitment CostsCosts
  • Recruitment Talent poolTalent pool
  • Recruitment ExperienceExperience
  • Recruitment ReportsReports

Improved recruitment productivity

  • Less time wasted dealing with irrelevant applications.
  • Simply manage job postings, system stores templates for re-use in the future.
  • Enhanced CV Parsing to ensure you only see relevant candidates.
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Improved processes, process automation

  • Create customised workflows which are stored for future use helping you implement a consistent recruitment policy and procedure.
  • Automated communications linked to specific events within the application cycle.
  • Introduce compliance elements within the automated workflow reducing the need for “offline” verification.
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Reduce time to hire and cost to hire

  • iintegra gives you total control of the recruitment process. New vacancies can be live on job boards, career sites and social media, within minutes.
  • Candidate responses filtered to ensure relevancy.
  • Enhanced communications with prospective candidates.
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Expand and improve quality of applicant pool

  • Integrated to internal and external CV searches enabling you to source passive candidates.
  • Expand your pool of passive candidates.
  • Customise workflows to help pre-filter candidates to a shortlist.
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Improved candidate experience

  • Set-up automated messages tied to specific events within the application cycle ensuring candidates feel engaged throughout.
  • Consistent and user friendly engagement throughout all stages during the application process.
  • Ability to create fully branded adverts and careers pages giving candidates confidence that the business invests to attract the best talent.
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Detailed reporting and analytics

  • Detailed statistics showing responses to job adverts, number of applications, number of interviews and placement by source allowing you to negotiate better deals with the best channels.
  • MI data showing time to hire and cost to hire which can be used in appraisals within management to clearly show improvements across your department.
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Find talent quickly and cost effectively

The iintegra Platform was built for recruiters on the move, optimised to be accessible from any device. iintegra’s primary purpose is to help organisations increase efficiencies throughout the recruitment process helping save time and money at every stage from advertising roles, managing applications and communicating effectively with candidates.

Not just an ATS

iintegra is much more than an ATS solution. It brings together all of your candidate information in a single, integrated platform enabling you to build a robust, candidate centred recruitment eco system, from job requisition to candidate hire. Giving you a complete understanding of your organisation's recruitment activities, helping you optimise supplier relationships and costs!

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Why leading companies love iintegra

Expand and improve the quality of applicant pool

Expand and improve the quality of applicant pool

Reduce time to hire and cost to hire

Reduce time to hire and cost to hire

Enhance strategy and improve processes

Enhance strategy and improve processes


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